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Providing music lessons, solo / collaborative performances, and insight into musicological research.

My name is Laura Klein. I offer piano lessons in a creative environment that inspires musical growth. As a pianist, I am passionate about historical and modern performance while providing a vast array of solo and collaborative experiences in musical settings. I research and curate from various eras, specializing in early music. I work with students and musicians of all ages and levels to foster growth and excellence in music study and performance.

A Ph.D in Musicology pre-candidate and a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music through Music Teachers National Association, I have a Master of Music in Piano Pedagogy and Performance from Westminster Choir College (Princeton, NJ) and Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance from Mars Hill University (Mars Hill, NC). With over 20 years’ teaching experience, my students have performed throughout the US and won highest honors in competitions and festivals. An active pianist, I have performed extensively in the US, as well as Canada, the UK, Austria, and the Czech Republic. The founder of The Jane Austen Playlist, my research focuses on the music in the Austen Family Music Books that was collected by Jane Austen and the female members of her family.


Welcome, musicians and enthusiasts alike! I’m excited to connect with you.

In addition to all things musical, I love to travel the world, read brilliantly devised novels and nonfiction tomes, explore gloriously designed historic homes and gardens, eat gourmet food with fine wine and exotic teas, and spend time with my brilliant engineer husband and vivaciously talented daughter. A Jane Austen scholar, I am also an enthusiastic Anglophile and am convinced I was born in the wrong century. I have learned to accept it by unapologetically nerding out on music history and literature of times long past. When I am not at the piano, I can be found in the pages of a book or wandering in the great outdoors.


A sentimental note about my branding ... in addition to depicting my love of the piano and literature, it also displays a very personal memory. As a young child, my greatest wish was to play the piano. Unable to pay for lessons, I picked dandelions out of my piano teacher's yard before they went to seed as currency for piano lessons. Depicting a dandelion gone to seed, my logo demonstrates the product of my labor and the faith of a piano teacher willing to take a chance on a young girl who has gone on to doggedly pursue her dreams at the keys.

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