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Learn to play beautifully with a professionally certified teacher!

Experience the joy of learning in a fun-filled environment that encourages growth, inspires creativity, and fosters a holistic musical approach.

Customized lessons are structured to fit your learning style and musical goals through:

  • 30-, 45-, or 60-minute in-person or virtual lessons

  • Quarterly performance classes and recitals

  • Participation in regional and national festivals and competitions

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What we focus on in customized lessons:​

  • Effective Practicing that creates efficiency in learning music and developing skill. 

  • Enjoyable Playing that will provide gratification at the piano.

  • Healthy Technique that will prevent injury and allow for effortless playing. 

  • Successful Performance that will be music-focused and minimize anxiety. 

  • Practical Musicianship that will provide a solid musical foundation in both theory and practice.

All students are considered regardless of age or level. The studio does not discriminate based on race, age, ethnic or cultural background, religious affiliation, or special needs.

Looking for a professional pianist for your event?

Weddings, birthdays, parties, recitals, and other special events are my specialty, in both solo and collaborative settings. 

Whatever your event, I customize the program to meet your music needs in:

  • All genres of music, including classical, pop, jazz, alternative, rock, and seasonal. 

  • Solo or collaborative performance, including duo, trio, or small ensemble settings.

  • Skilled accompanying and coaching for rehearsals, concerts, & shows. 

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From start to finish, you receive:


  • Initial Consultation.

  • Customized Plan.

  • Reliable Communication. 

  • Spectacular Event.

Whether you are interested in piano lessons or a pianist for an event, you are in good hands.

Image by Audrey Tebow

How does it work?


to work with me:


Schedule a visit to the studio to meet me and discuss lesson goals!


Fill out and submit a registration form to secure your spot or to be added to the studio waiting list.


Welcome to the studio!


to book me:  


Schedule a consultation to discuss your event and share your music vision.


Fill out and submit a contract and 50% deposit to secure your event.


Sit back and let me do the rest!

Student Testimonials

"Being a part of Laura’s studio family was such a wonderful experience for me, and I grew so much as a pianist and as a person. I learned so many things from Laura and from her other students that I use on a regular basis as a musician, and I know all her other students can say the same!"


– Greta S., former student

"Our daughter has studied with Ms. Laura for years; she loves her very much. Throughout the years, she has won a number of competitions and it's because of Ms. Laura. She teaches with patience & compassion. Recommended!"


– Yunita K., parent

Why choose me?

I believe that music is a lifelong skill and serves as a channel for creativity and emotion; it is an art, a discipline, a language, a social connection, and a tool of motivation and learning; it is a world of imagination and passion while serving a functional and practical purpose.


It is the belief of Appassionata Piano Studio that music enriches the lives of people all ages, creates a musical language across cultures, and provides an artistic channel for individuals that lasts for a lifetime.


Here’s what others have asked about lessons!

  • What if my child / I have never played the piano?
    No time is too late to start! If you / your child has the interest to commit, you are the perfect candidate for lessons!
  • Am I / Is my child the right age for lessons?
    I have worked with students from the age of 4 to 94 and as long as students are willing to make the practice commitment, no age is wrong for lessons. Even small children have the ability to learn music through aural and vocal development and as they develop motor skills along the way, they are able to apply the language of music to their technical abilities.
  • What if I / my child is really busy with other activities?
    Time is definitely a factor when committing to lessons; in order to succeed and experience growth, a practice commitment is required to avoid discouragement or lack of progress. However, that doesn’t mean that lessons can’t fit! We spend the first several lessons working on how to practice efficiently and effectively, all the while building a practice plan and goals for at-home practice.
  • Do I need an acoustic piano or will a digital piano suffice?
    In short, yes and no; because digital pianos have such a different touch (even high-end ones) from the acoustic action of a piano, it immediately affects the progress of a student’s technique. But never fear - I assist students in finding the piano that works for both your budget and your space!
  • I have more questions or would like to schedule a visit to the studio; how can I get in touch?
    Submit a form through the Bookings and Contact Me page or you can call me at 509 / 200 / 1057.
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